In the heart of the Dolomites, now Unesco Heritage, between the historical Verona and the fashionable Milan, thanks to the intuition of Guido Gasperi, GyForm was founded in 1957. His idea was to produce high-quality sofas not only for the Italian but also for the overseas markets.  His first contacts to open up to the overaseas markets (Europe, US, Far East and Middle East) came in 1968 at the Milan International Forniture Fair. Very soon, the company, from a craft reality, becomes an industrial enterprise under the leadership of Guido's son, Fabrizio, who, like his father, conjugates tradition and technology.

Thanks to continuous research, innovation and a highly-flexible product, GyForm is a well-established and internationally acknowledged brand.

Overseas markets play an important role in the company's history.

Since the very beginning, production has been based on leading principles: quality, desing, functionality and eco-friendly materials.

With time, these outstanding competencies have allowed GyForm to make a collection that is distinctive for taste, technology, creativity and durability on the international market of design and quality upholstered furniture.

In 2004 Gyform is certified ISO 9001: 2000

Gyform’s factory cover today a total area of ​​10,000 square meters  where there are in addition to the factory floor, the area devoted to research and development and product engineering prototypes, and a show-room available to operators and professionals.
Gyform collaborates with leading designers and the path that characterizes the company is mainly related to the production of seating for the home environment.

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