2013 saw the opening of a new showroom of 1000 square meters on two floors with meeting rooms, room service and coffee, as well as two new warehouses and luggage leather for another 1500 meters total that will be added 5000 square meters of covered that already exist. A modern building, which combines the attention to detail and use of quality materials is also a strong emphasis on renewable energy.

Classified as "energy zero", the new facility is able to use very little energy for its operation following construction criteria forefront. For heating it's running a geothermal system powered by a photovoltaic installation, secured by 260 solar panels with an area of 430sm and with an output of 59.80 kW. The average production of electrical energy is about 70.000kWh / year, with a reduction in consumption that touches 50%. The company saves the planet and makes money.

The exterior facade is coated with a special alloy of copper and zinc. The resulting product is a material that changes its appearance in a very impressive and unique when exposed to the elements, where the hue is oxidized hot and intense, as if to emphasize the experience of the building. Inside, an exhibition dedicated to the fusion between architecture, art and design. It almost seems to go into an art gallery with spaces lose their element of commerce, leaving the visitor is captured by the warm and welcoming, given the use of natural materials such as wood and stone. An elegant setting to house the collections of the company but also a meeting place and training for customers, architects and designers.

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