Quality certification

Quality certification

The company GYFORM srl, which has been on the market since 1960, has achieved in recent years a considerable increase in its production capacity and the consolidation of its design effectiveness.
From the outset, production has been based on well-defined guiding principles: technical and aesthetic design quality, function and eco-compatibility. Over time, these vocations have enabled the company to build a collection that stands out for its taste, technology and creativity on the international market of quality designer upholstered furniture. The production that characterises the company refers mainly to the production of seating for the home environment.
GYFORM srl intends to propose itself to its customers as a qualified partner for the development of their activities in order to pursue their complete satisfaction.
This Quality Policy is translated into the following corporate objectives:
- To deliver the required products/services on time and/or as agreed.
- Reduce the number and cost of non-conformities.
- To improve the quality and image of the products offered in all their aspects both in the production processes and in the customer service before and after the sale.
- To strengthen mutually beneficial relationships with its suppliers, developing a long-term partnership, in the belief that only a relationship of mutual exchange and growth guarantees quality and with it an increase in product value.
These objectives have been communicated to all employees in an internal communication signed by the General Management.

Our company, through its staff, its partners and its resources, acts according to the following operating principles:
- Each company function is committed to constantly satisfying the needs of all its customers, both internal and external, and, through careful and continuous management of resources, to optimising the company's overall efficiency.
- DIG, RGQ and Function Managers are committed to nurturing staff motivation through the implementation of professional growth and quality awareness programmes, aimed at every level of the company.
- All Top Management, all employees and all suppliers feel committed to a process of continuous quality improvement.
- The products, services and activities carried out by employees must always fully comply with the requirements of external and internal customers.
- We are all committed to trying to prevent all errors, both in execution and in management, as well as to correcting them, aware that prevention is much less costly than correction.
- We are all committed to continually updating our professional skills in order to meet the needs of our customers, who represent a market in constant technological evolution;
It is our priority to continuously monitor the market of regular and potential suppliers, so as to always and completely satisfy the explicit and implicit needs of our customers.
Each function has the task of :
- establishing and maintaining appropriate conditions to help execute the work at a high quality level;
- establish and maintain appropriate operational control procedures necessary to perform good quality work;
- organising appropriate training programmes so that each person has the necessary competence to be accountable for their responsibilities;
- ensure full compliance with laws and regulations in relation to the performance of the work;
- provide an internal control and audit system to ensure compliance with the spirit of this policy.
In addition, the company feels the need, management and staff together, to operate in a way that does not contaminate or degrade the environment.
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